Vidmate Apk HD Video Downloader for android, iOS and PC {Updated 2019}

Looking for a way to download your favorite video clips on internet? Well, Vidmate Apk HD Video Downloader is one of the best solutions for downloading video content available on various sites including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo Music, etc. Vidmate is a video and audio downloading app platform that provides facilities to download unlimited videos and audio. This also helps to download full HD (High Definition) videos.

Wondering how it works? This is how Vidmate application works. It’s like a search engine which looks through various platforms for the video that you are looking for. Another feature of this is, Vidmate video downloader allows you to select the preferred resolution for the video to be downloaded. Not only videos, but also TV series, movies, music videos, audio can be downloaded with this.

This is such a cool app that allows you to download larger files. You can download files which are larger than 1GB. MP4, FIV, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MPEG are some of the file formats that Vidmate video downloader supports. Multiple files can be downloaded at a time and the best part of it is, the download is done in the background.

This app is totally free and it has fascinating features that you would love to have. You can save money that you would have wasted for other paid apps. This is a similar app for Tubemate which also allows you to download numerous videos and songs in different qualities.

Let’s find out why Vidmate application is called a best solution for downloading and watching videos. Here are some of the features that make Vidmate application a cool app.

  • Download and play unlimited videos and audio just for free
  • Audio player is in-built
  • Play downloaded video videos and audio offline (without internet)
  • Videos can be converted into different formats
  • User interface is easy to use and simple
  • It has a background audio playback – This has functions such as repeat, fast-forward, rewind
  • This incorporates with the largest music search engine of the world

You have to be aware that Vidmate cannot be found in Google Play Store due to several issues regarding Google’s rules and policies on downloading unauthorized content. Downloading videos from the website goes against the marketplace’s policies. Vidmate movie downloader or any other video downloading the app will interfere with the copyright content on YouTube. That’s the reason why you have to look for another alternative download.

Also, there are no any versions for iOS or Windows. Hence it is better to use Vidmate Apk (for Android, iOS including iPhones and iPads, Windows) and Vidmate for PC for your devices. If you are wondering whether it is a harmful app for your device, it’s not harmful because Vidmate video downloader does not modify your system without the permission of yours. So it’s neither a virus nor a malware. One drawback is, there will be lots of ads on the application window and you will find it annoying and irritating sometimes.

In order to download and install Vidmate Video downloader you have to search for the Vidmate Apk. Depending on the device you use, there are few steps prior to install this application. A warning will be displayed, when you try to install this. This is because we are trying to install an app out of the Google Play. So first of all you have to fix the security settings of the device with this simple but necessary step to allow downloads from unknown sources.
Settings > Security, then turn on Unknown sources.

When using Vidmate application, there are three main ways to find videos.

  • In-app suggestions by Vidmate – According to the popularity or trend, you will be able to find latest and hottest videos that you would like. Those are automatically suggested by Vidmate video downloader.
  • Built-in search option – when you input appropriate keywords, you will be able to find the videos that you prefer.
  • Categories – you have the access to all kinds of video categories. Just browse through them and find all your preferred videos or audio.

Vidmate Apk for android

Vidmate for Android is a useful application which is designed to download any media content from your Android device. It has the capability to download any media content including audio and video. This is a compatible application for Android operating systems. If your operating system is higher than version 2.2, this will run without any errors. You can simply download the Apk file of Vidmate for your mobile phone for Google Play Store do not have Vidmate App due to its Policies.

The best video downloading app which is quite easy, quick and efficient is Vidmate HD Video Downloader. The best thing about this is, that this app is absolutely free! The most attractive features of Vidmate Video Downloader for Android is the simple user interface and the ease of use. It has a simple user interface and a background color of orange. Its appearance seems to be flashy. When we consider its interface, the top left corner has the menu icon and along the top section, there is also the search icon and download icon.

The screen of Vidmate App is filled with suggested audio and video. If you are not satisfied with the suggested items, you can simply try the search option. What makes the Vidmate Apk better than the other apps which have the same features, is Vidmate is easy to use and it’s an application that runs so smoothly.

To download and install Vidmate free video downloader on your android mobile device just simply search for the Vidmate Video Downloader Apk.
Since Vidmate is a third party app, (not from the Google Play Store) the security options of your device will block the installation. Avoid it by allowing the app installation from “unknown sources”. You can fix this issue from settings of your android device.

The bottom of the interface has two areas:

  • Videos
  • User profile

You can simply go to categories and swipe through the numerous categories which are education, entertainment, animals, News, comedy, sports, etc. just swipe left and right and you’ll find interesting videos / audio. From the User Profile tab, you can log in to the app through your email address or Facebook and fix your profile according to your choice. You will also find an option to apply night time mode or daytime mode.

Let’s look at how to use Vidmate for Android application. First launch the Vidmate Android application by simply tapping the icon on the home screen of your android mobile phone. Then you will be directed to the main page of the app. There you’ll find the trending or the recommended video and audio clips and all you have to do is just tap on the file you are interested in. It may take some time for the app to download your preferred file because the speed of your internet connection is the major influence on the download speed. If you want to search other videos or audio that are not available in the recommend section, just search for them. This will search through many websites that contain videos or audio related to your search entry. After that, the downloaded file will be saved directly on your android mobile phone.

Some of the alternatives for Vidmate are Snaptube Video, TubeMate, TubeMate 2.0, TubeMate 3.0 etc.

Vidmate for iPhone

The Apple or iOS devices are known for providing entertainment stuff with the numerous trending apps found in the market. Even if there are a huge amount of apps that offer online video streaming, there are only a few to provide online downloading. Vidmate is one such application for video downloading that all the users would love to have because of its fascinating features. Even though there are apps that do the same function, Vidmate App is known for its easy to use and efficient features.

With this app, you can download your favourite videos, audio, movies and everything. All these videos can be downloaded in HD quality. That’s the best part of it. In this article, details on how to download Vidmate for iPhone are provided. The app developers have not launched any version specifically just for iOS or Windows. As there are many restrictions vidmate app cannot be directly downloaded by iOS users.

The reasons why you should have Vidmate video downloader for your iPhone are as follows.

  • Here, the videos can be downloaded in High Definition quality up to 1080p.
  • All downloads are absolutely free.
  • No matter it is a video or an audio, multiple files can be downloaded at once.
  • With its video converter you are able to convert your preferred video file to a desired format
  • Vidmate app for iPhone can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • Unlimited video streaming over your internet connection and offline video downloading
  • Live TV option (This option is mostly specified for Indian community)
  • This app does not distort the quality of the downloaded files

Vidmate will make you speechless and spellbound because of the features offered at your own fingertips. We’re sure it will give you unforgettable experience of video streaming and downloading.

Here are the steps to download Vidmate video downloader to your iPhone, iPad or MAC computer.

  • First of all, you have to get the latest Vidmate Apk and download it on your iOS device. Just search through the Internet and you’ll find it so easily.
  • Download an Android emulator on the iOS device. Bluestacks Android Emulator or Nox App Player are the most commonly used emulators worldwide.

Here’s the reason why you should use an Android emulator. An emulator will act as an interface on non-Android devices. It will allow your device to run Android apps on devices which are not Android.

  • Then the previously downloaded Apk should be opened in your Android Emulator and it will start to install the opened Apk file. Just wait for few seconds or it will take few minutes and the application will be installed.
  • After installation is completed, Vidmate will be listed under the Apps section of your Android emulator.
  • This means the installation is successfully completed.

Vidmate App for iOS (iPhone or iPad) can be installed if you jailbreak your device if you wish to download the app as Apple does not allow a third party app to be installed on your device.

Download speed depends on the network you are using. If your internet connection is poor, then the download speed will be slow.

There are several alternatives for iPhone users for video and audio downloading. Among them are Cinemabox App and Hotstar App which can be used instead of Vidmate app.

Download vidmate for pc

If you are looking for ways to download video content from the internet you will find certain ways to accomplish your task. Mostly you will have to use two or more apps for that purpose such as a video player and a downloader to save the clip locally if a copy is needed. Vidmate is an awesome app to download movies on your android phone but when it comes to storage your android device may lack enough storage space. Due to this issue it will make troubles when downloading and storing movies and video clips when the device storage is running out space. So it’s necessary to download these videos to a PC which usually provides enough storage space. With Vidmate for PC, you will require just one app for the whole function. It’s as simple as that.
There are several features that make Vidmate for PC the best way for downloading video and audio.

  • Your favorite videos can be searched within this app itself.
  • This is an easy way to search movies, songs and videos.
  • You can search for TV shows, fashion, News, sports, entertainment programs and many more.
  • Vidmate for PC allows us to watch latest TV shows, movies and other videos.
  • It offers more than 200 TV channels in the live TV option.
  • Any video can be downloaded from your online searches and can be saved it locally to play later.
  • You can play videos inside this app from online searching.
  • You can experience HD quality with this app.
  • The user interface is easy to use and very user-friendly.
  • You can enjoy your favorite music on Vidmate app.

Nothing more is needed when you have such a lovely app which does all the tasks itself. So try yourself this amazing application and enjoy the experience.

Let’s have a look at the features of the latest Vidmate PC version.

  • You can convert videos to MP3, MP4, AVI.
  • You can share videos online and offline by email, file transfer or social media.

The main reasons why you should install Vidmate on your PC are:

  • There is enough storage space available in the pc – Your PC usually has 512 GB or more storage space. It can be extended up to 2 TB hard drive so easily. But your android device normally has the average storage of 8GB, 16 GB, 32 GB or rarely a little bit more than that. Hence you have like 100 times more storage on your PC than your Android device. Vidmate for PC helps you to store numerous videos and songs so easily.
  • Higher resolution is supported – Your Android device usually supports 720p resolution. It costs more money if you are thinking of a higher resolution. There’s no much difference between 480p, 720p or 1080p videos when you watch videos via your android device because of the small size of the device display. But in PC, it’s not just a slight variation like in mobile devices. You can enjoy higher resolution videos on PC.
  • With larger screen an amazing display is provided – We love to watch movies in a cinema hall or a theater rather than watching TV. The reason is we can enjoy because we can watch them in a larger screen. It’s truly a wonderful experience to watch videos and movies in a big screen. Just like that, watching a video or a movie through your PC is a good experience unlike in your Android phone.

Now that you know what makes Vidmate software such a cool app, let’s learn how to download and install this on your computer. You can’t find an official Vidmate for PC application. Hence we will describe how to download it by doing a bypass method. An emulator should be downloaded prior to this process. Below are the steps.

  • Open your browser. This could be any web browser including Google Chrome and UC browser.
  • Then you have to search for an emulator.
  • Any emulator would be okay with this but we recommend Bluestacks Emulator or the Nox App Player as those are the most reliable of all.
  • Download your preferred emulator from the relevant official website.
  • After finishing downloading, run the installer and install this on your local storage.
  • After the installation of the emulator, run the program.
  • When you first run this a brief instruction will be displayed to make you familiar with this emulator and to assist you how to work with this.
  • After this introduction, Bluestacks will be started and you have to click on “My Apps” you will see a plus sign (+) with “choose Apk”. Select it.
  • A new window will be opened and you’ll have to select the Vidmate Apk file. Installation will be completed within few seconds.
  • When you download Vidmate Apk from Windows store, all you have to do is to double click on it. It will install to the emulator automatically.
  • This is a great advantage as it consumes less storage and you can easily access to it.
  • Vidmate will be installed on Bluestacks emulator. You will be able to experience all cool features of Vidmate for PC.

Even though there are several alternatives for the Vidmate App for PC which also allows you to watch videos and movies, they cost money a lot for the installation and subscriptions. Thus, we suggest you to use Vidmate Apk for it’s an advanced and a fast way.

Vidmate HD Movies

Actually, this is the best way to watch latest movies on the internet. Vidmate supports YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Funny or Die, Vine, Tumblr, SoundCloud, Metacafe, Break, Pagalworld, Movievilla, O2 movies and hundreds of other sites. You can simply access and search, view, download and share all your favorite videos. So what more do you need? You can watch thousands of music videos, HD movies, cricket highlights, your favorite shows and many more. With Vidmate HD video downloader, you can download hottest and latest movies completely free. This has ALL the facilities that you would require. It always keeps you satisfied with it all cool features including HD video downloader, live TV channel, video site browser, video player and etc. it supports many TV channels like Ten Sports, 9XM, Fashion TV, Zee Cinema, Babespotting. All entertainment stuff is from one app.

Some of the features that you’d love to have:

  • Easy to use
  • Navigation made easy
  • You can watch Live TV and it supports more than 200 channels including movie, music, fashion, music, sports, News, entertainment and many more.
  • Unlimited number of High Quality audio and albums can be downloaded easily
  • Download speed is extremely fast compared to other apps
  • You can watch full Bollywood, Hollywood, Kollywood or any other movies of any language just for FREE.

Download videos in vidmate is quite easy. All you have to do is just enter a site (e.g.: YouTube) and select a video to be downloaded. Click on the red button at the lower right corner of the screen to download. Many of the movies that are listed in Vidmate are coming from certain torrent sites.
If you haven’t tried Vidmate yet we suggest you to download Vidmate to enjoy free live TV and free video download. With the introducing of Vidmate version 1.15 there is a Recommend in the Menu for the users which consists of two main parts:

  • TV show
  • Full movie

Full movie part was officially introduced with the Vidmate 1.16 version. Let’s have a look at the features of the Recommend option.

  • Easy to download video clips – When you select a movie or an episode, you’ll be directed to the download page. By clicking the red button which is found at the lower right corner you can easily download them with selectable download sizes too.
  • You can download unlimited full movies – No matter what you’ll find all the latest and hottest movies here with different qualities and different formats.
  • Movies and videos are updated frequently – All the movies and videos on Vidmate are updated always. So you can always find the latest movies and shows.
  • All genres of movies can be found here – It has a collection of all genres of videos and movies. You will be satisfied always with your favorite video category. It could be action, comedy, romance, classical, thriller, horror, drama, criminal, family or whatever, there is a huge variety of the HD movies.
  • Most popular TV shows – There is a huge collection of TV shows from the most popular TV channels. Some of these channels are Star Plus, Star World, Colors TV, Life OK, Channel V, SAB TV, Sahara One, Zee TV, Sony TV and many more. The good news is that more and more hottest TVs will be added to this collection.
  • Classic and popular categories – As mentioned above, this covers a huge variety of movies and TV shows. Either you’re looking for old movies/ YV shows or latest movies/ TV shows come to the Recommend section. It has a large number of classic movies / TV shows as well as popular movies/ TV shows including all-time favorites.

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