Top 10 Points About Niche Websites and Blogging

1)What are niche websites?

So niche websites are sites, could be a static website or blog that focuses on a small part of a large niche.

2)How do you plan and build profitable niche sites?

Niche websites or blogs are not really different from what we’ve been discussing on starting and building a successful blog, except that with niche blogs you plan to rank faster and start making money in a short time.

3)What is a Niche market?

A niche market is a small part or subset of a large market that you focus on. A niche within a niche. Or a niche within a niche, within a niche.

Take the niche Travel for example.

Travel is a very large niche. Within the niche you can get up to hundred if not smaller niches. Such as: Anguilla, Caribbean and so on.

These are even large niches that can further be broken down into several niches. Like we have Anguilla vacations, Anguilla real estate and so on. Just like we’ll have for Caribbean.

And sometimes niche markets are focusing on products, such as physical products, DVDs, eBooks, paper cover books and so on, that focuses on specific users.

4)What is a Niche Marketing?

We’ve defined niche market as a subset of a large market. Niche websites are usually of two kind.

It’s either you are focusing on a subset of a market of which a product is focusing, so that you can rank for the product and make sales, also known as affiliate niche sites.

Or you are focusing on a subset of a market that an actual product may not be focusing on, but you want to rank and monetize the traffic in different ways.

Obviously affiliate niche websites are far less profitable than non-affiliate niche sites, since your monetization options will be limited building a site around a particular product.

5)The smaller the niche, the lesser the competition

The lesser the competition, the lesser the task involved in ranking for your keywords at the search engines.

6)The reason more and more people are looking into niche sites and niche blogging

The sooner you rank at the search engines for your keyword (s), the sooner you get free targeted traffic.

The sooner you get targeted traffic, the sooner you’ll get clicks to your money making websites and make sales.

Overall, the sooner you rank for your keywords, the sooner you you’ll start making money. That is the reason.

Aside making money, it’s also less involving down the road. Though at the beginning it’s more involving, since you’re trying to rank on the first page of Google faster than you would ordinarily do with full time blogging.

7)Should you start a Niche Site? Will You Make Money?

There are different ways to make money on the internet and niche websites happens to be one of the ways to quick money but only if you know what you’re doing.

8)Plan your Niche Site, don’t just delve into it because others are doing it. Make sure you’re ready for it

9)Spend some time to do a good keyword research to make sure you pick a profitable niche

Because if you pick a wrong keyword, it’s almost certain you won’t succeed no matter what you do. Pick a topic that interests you if you intend to write the content yourself.

10)Have a strategy for:

  • You monetization methods, even before setting up the site.
  • Your site content presentation.
  • Your content creation.
  • Ranking your niche site (link building among other things).
  • Hold yourself accountable.

I know these are just theories and it really doesn’t tell you much. I mean there’s nothing like a practical example.

Making money online may seem difficult, I know. There are many people who’ve been struggling online for years and still haven’t been able to make more than few cents.

One of the secrets to making money online is to find a process that works, give it your best and if you succeed, you simply duplicate the process.

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