Top 10 Truths Of Truecaller APK Free Download | Online Search Name, Caller ID and Block

Hey, guys!!!! As usual we never came bare hand. We have some cool information on one of the coolest apps you will ever come across. What really are we going to talk about today? It is none other than “Truecaller apk”.

1)What is Truecaller App?

Simply, this is an application which comes for smartphones. Let me begin like this. Suppose that you are getting a call. How do you know who is calling? If the number is saved in your contact list, you can know who is calling you. But, do you only get calls from the numbers in your contact list? No! We all get at least one call per day from an unknown number.

2)Sometimes, we hesitate to answer a call from an unknown number

But, this call could be something very important for you. So, why take the risk by not answering unknown calls when you have a great solution for it. Here comes the solution for this problem; “TrueCaller App”.

3)What does Truecaller do?

This app can show you the person who is calling you, even though you do not have that number saved in your contact list. Meanwhile, this app can also block spam and unwanted calls too.

Supporting Devices

The TrueCaller App supports smart phones with iOS system and android system, Windows phones as well as BlackBerry 10.

Does This App Need Internet?

Yes, to use this app you need an internet connection; either mobile data or Wi-Fi.

4)How to Install The App

Installing this app is a quite simple process. The Truecaller App is less than 10 MB in size. You just have to go to the Google Play Store, search for “TrueCaller App” and then hit the “Install” icon.

Once the app is installed, you will have to sing-in to the app. For the sign-in procedure, you can use either your Facebook account, Google account or Microsoft account. That’s it! Now you have this cool app in your phone.

5)You can download the truecaller apk from following link for free.

6)Features of Truecaller App

This app consists with number of amazing features. So, let’s see what they are.

  • Most powerful caller-ID app

This app gives you the following information about the caller.
1. Who is calling or who the caller might be
2. From where the call is coming

  • Saves you from unwanted commercial calls
  • Identify and block spam calls and telemarketing calls
  • You can create your own blacklist
  • Easy search

7)With this app, you just have to enter the number and in a glance you can see the name of the user of that number. Or else you just have to type the name

This app will show you the numbers in that name and you can easily find the number of the person you are looking for by narrowing down the relevant fields.

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8)Cons of This App

Just like every other app, the TrueCaller too has some cons.
• Sometimes results may not be 100% accurate
• Full of advertisements
• Privacy concerns

9)If you are worried about spam calls, telemarketing calls and any other unknown calls, Truecaller apk is the best solution for your problem.

10)However, once this app is installed in your phone, your name and number too can be seen by other TrueCaller users

So, if you concern a lot about your privacy you better think twice before installing this app.

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