Top 10 eCommerce Sites


Shopping on an eCommerce website saves your time and effort immensely. There is nothing so helpful rather than receiving ordered items on hand within few days while staying at home without any effort. There are numerous eCommerce websites that you can do shopping online.

This article will help you to get an idea on the world’s top 10 eCommerce websites in terms of reliability and quality of the products.

01) Amazon

Amazon is the leader of the online shopping industry. There are countless range of products on their website and mobile app that has eased the life of the customers a lot. Amazon has earned a good reputation because of the outstanding quality of their products and services. When considering the revenue, Amazon holds the first place as the largest company of the world. Their website contains the household or office products that you might need in your day-to-day life.

Buyers love to shop on this platform because the simple interface, easy checkout, different payment methods and the attractive discounts and offers. They also provide fast delivery, versatile collection and affordable rates.

02) Walmart

Walmart is identified for the wide range of products at big discount prices. This is the most popular shopping destination in the United States. You can shop electronics, fashion accessories, toys, home appliances, sports items, gifts, crafts and so much more through this eCommerce website. You will love to do shipping with Walmart because it offers you discount coupons, shipping and attractive discounts. What makes the shopping experience with Walmart so easy and fun is the user-friendly interface.

03) eBay

This is one of the leaders in the eCommerce space. It is somewhat different to the traditional eCommerce websites because it provides not only the Business-to-Customer sales, but also the customer-to-customer sales. You can sell products as well as buy products. This enables the people to send the used items also. Through eBay store web application, you can make your own shopping store. All you have to do is to add the content, images and descriptions in order to start selling.

04) Target

This is one of the oldest corporations in the United States that has maintained their position in the market over the years. This is a better choice among the young people because the team Target is mainly focused on providing the customers with trending products at an affordable price. You will find easy buying process, great offers, discounts, free shipment and many more.

05) Alibaba

This is another popular eCommerce website that enables trading for buyers and sellers across the globe. Alibaba is mainly spread all over Asia. Their major target is to provide an easy connection between the supplier and the buyer. Suppliers can sell their products at an affordable rate.

06) Etsy

Etsy has become one of the leading handicrafts and vintage product sellers globally. It is a unique eCommerce website that customer can purchase handicraft and factory-made products.

07) Taobao

This is also a leading eCommerce website in the world. This has massive user base over 500 million. The Alibaba group is the parent company of them. It provides you the facility to shop wide range of products such as jewelry, clothes, accessories, footwear, furniture, gadgets, etc.

08) Best Buy

They operate their businesses in two segments; domestic and international where domestic is referred to the all states and territories of the United States and international referred to outside of the US. Best Buy provides you with consumer electronics, entertainment stuff, home office products, etc.

09) Flipkart

Flipkart is the most popular eCommerce website in India. This is also popular in other Asian regions. You can shop clothes, electronic devices, accessories, home appliances and many other things. For each product you will see a brief description and reviews and comments that will help you to get a better understanding of the products.

10) Overstock

This is also one of the world’s top eCommerce websites. There is a wide range of products including furniture, clothes, jewelry, automobiles, etc. One thing that makes Overstock different from other eCommerce websites is they sell cars also. You will find high quality products at great prices. They provide a quicker service.

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