Top 10 Truth about How to Make Money By Blogging

1)Blogging to make money is a business like any other offline business

The only difference is it’s using an online platform and has a very low startup cost.

2)If you can give blogging the same seriousness , it will be a great help

you’ll give an offline business you hope to profit from, by putting effort into learning the trade and planning it as you’ll plan any other business before starting it, then you’ll make money blogging quicker than you imagine. And it will be serious income too.

3)You don’t need any special skill to create a successful blog except be fairly good with at least one topic a group of people will be willing to spend money on to get more help

You can grow a serious monthly income from blogging. But it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It will take some time; although if you follow the steps on this page you can start generating an extra income from blogging within a year.

4)If you’re thinking of blogging full time, first see some tips on doing blogging as a career

The best strategy however, is to start your blog part-time while you keep a job or another business, at least until you grow the blog income to a full time income or at least to an income that can carter for your monthly needs so you’re not desperate to make money from the blog and you start your blog with the right mindset.

5)Who is Blog Gurus

There are too many people teaching how to blog that has not even made a dime blogging themselves. And most of the so called pro bloggers have failed in their efforts to effectively teach beginners how to blog to make money.

6) Blog Gurus have many high priced products that don’t really teach the average blogging beginner how to make a blog a success

If you’ve been unfortunate to buy into some of these materials that failed to delivered in value, it can make you very skeptical about buying any other material on the topic again, and even if it’s obvious it will help you reach your goal.

7)You can learn how to blog from the different articles online

To get an in depth guide you may be asked to pull out your credit card. When you get to that stage don’t conclude someone is trying to rip you off.

8)Be patient to find out if the material will really help you

Bloggers are content writers; some like myself do this full time. And like every other business at some point we’ll have to make an offer. It doesn’t mean we’re trying to rip you off, it simply mean we’ve put in some hard-work to create a much more complete and convenient resource for you and we deserve to get paid for our efforts.

9)Should I Spend Some Money on it?

Like every business venture you invest in, sometimes you don’t get exactly what you pay for. But don’t lose faith. A product that finally taught me how to build a long term income content site cost me about $50. But because of that investment, I made I have been able to build a blog I later sold and built this authority site that makes me money now in several ways.

10)you can never learn

Start or grow any business if you’re always afraid Whether in investing in the business or any other aspect of the business

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