Top 10 New Short Whatsapp Video Status Download 2019 | Love, Cute Couple, Single, Comedy

Whatsapp become one of the most famous chat app among people. Nowadays, we used to update our whatsapp status to express what we feel right now or to express something you can’t directly express. For status you can add some text, photos, gifs or videos. Among them, whatsapp status video is one of the best way to express something you really want to share. You may heard that picture can express 1000 words. So, a short videos for whatsapp can express may be millions of words. Most of them can download HD and they are totally free.

All though you want to upload a video, you may wonder how to find the most suitable one or how to sort. Here I have prepared 500+ whatsapp video hd collection with different categories.

Here, I have categorised depending on the popularity of different types of videos.

1)WhatsApp Funny Video Download

All of us like to smile or laugh. No matter what it is we love to read or watch funny contents. There are millions of joke videos in internet, but most of us prefer short whatsapp comedy video.

Here I have selected best joke videos for whatsapp depending on the popularity. You can download these whatsapp video comics from our site.

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2)WhatsApp Love Video Download

If you are a lover, you may want to send whatsapp romantic video to your partner. Whatsapp video love messages would be a great way to express your feelings. I have collected 10, 000+ videos and selected the best out of them. So, here is the whatsapp love video collection for download.

Looking for WhatsApp Love Status?

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3)WhatsApp Happy New Year Video

Every new year is a gift for us. So, we used to wish each other in every December 31st. And also some countries celebrate their new year in other days too. Whatever the day, here I made a list of happy new year whatsapp videos, which you can use for any day. And this is the best collection of new year video for whatsapp.

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4)WhatsApp Video Hindi Download

There are 200 millions of whatsapp users in India. So, this is the right place for Indians. If you want to share videos in Hindi, you can use these collection. I have separated this list with categories and I have mentioned it with videos.

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5)WhatsApp Hindi Film Download

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6)Friendship Video for WhatsApp

We all have friends, but it’s rare to find a best buddy. You can use short video to wish your friends on friendship day or just to great them.

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7)Cute Couple WhatsApp

We all love cute things. So, here is the best collection of cute short whatsapp videos. If your girlfriend is upset with you, just try sending these short videos. Your gf will definitely love it.

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8)Single WhatsApp Videos

Being single might be not easy for you. You may be single because of breakup or maybe you still not found him or her. Use these videos to express your feelings. There might be another one who feel the same or your ex may checking your status.

Whatsapp Sad Love Video Download

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9)Sad WhatsApp Videos

If you are broke up or you lost some or even you are unhappy because of any reason, you can share your feelings with sad whatsapp video.

Click here for Whatsapp Sad Love Status

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10)Marathi WhatsApp Video

Maharashtra people in india used to speak Marathi language and most of them are looking for whatsapp videos in Marathi. So, here is a list of collection.

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