Top 10 Points You Should Know About GB WhatsApp Apk 2019 – Review The Latest Version

WhatsApp is an amazing messaging app that actually requires no modifications at all. But if you are looking for an alternate with new features and customizable user interfaces that cannot be found in original WhatsApp, then GBWhatsApp is the best thing you’ll find.

1)GBWhatsApp provides an extraordinary experience to the user with its fascinating features

GBWhatsApp acts as an alternate version for original WhatsApp Apk which gives the user the freedom to do numerous work and customize things according to user’s choice. GBWhatsApp is an application which allows running of two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously.

2)Difference Between WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp

The main difference between the original WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp is the user interface and features. The protocols, the license and the other things still remain the same in this. Some of the main differences between the original WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp are the customizable user interface, addition of visual themes, new emoticons and the file sharing options. It provides the users more pictorial emojis that have kind of real images. It comes with all new Android Oreo emojis.

3)Why Whatsapp GB Apk is More Popular?

Even though WhatsApp comes with attractive features that make it easy to use, it-fails to provide customisation which is a major requirement of many users. Due to several restrictions of the app, users are not able to customize the app according to his/ her preference. GBWhatsApp is a solution for this, as it allows the user to change the visual themes according to their preference with the custom theme mode.  You can even change the icon for missed calls and the colour of the calls.

GBWhatsApp provides uncountable features that you would love to have. Here we will depict some of the popular features.

Popular Features of GB Whatsapp Latest Version

4)The best thing about this GBWhatsApp is, you can install this along with the original version of WhatsApp without clashing.

This does not have any ban issue. As previously mentioned, this is the best app if you wish to have two different WhatsApp accounts in the same device.

5)Without any third party application, you can have an app lock for this

The double tick, the second tick and “typing a message…” state can be hidden. Your online status and the last seen also can be hidden. It has a feature of hiding chats.

6)With the auto-reply feature, you can automatically reply the conversations

Another special feature of this is, that previous messages can be revoked at any time. For selected contacts you can disable calls. You can mute someone if you think as a nuisance with the new DND mode. The internet connection to the GBWhatsApp app can be disabled with this mode.

7)You can send messages to people who are not in your contact list

You are free to use your favourite media players to view the content. This app supports a number of languages than original WhatsApp.

8)You can pay to your friends through a bank account with the help of this app.

This supports you to save other people’s status stories. You can easily copy others’ status to your clipboard. Broadcast messages can be sent up to 600 people at one time. You can select groups that you want to auto-download media. A group name can be set up to 35 characters.

9)When it comes to sharing, GBWhatsApp provides you the facility to send up to 100 documents at the same time

You can also send up to 90 images. You can add effects if you want, before sending images and videos. It is possible to enter up to 255 characters in a status without shortening it.

10)Drawbacks of GB Whatsapp

One drawback of this is, that the speed is slower compared to the original WhatsApp. Also this cannot be installed on Apple devices.

This application can be downloaded and installed on your non-rooted android device. No root permission is required to install this like most of the other apps do. You can simply download the GBWhatsApp Apk file and install it on your android smartphone. You can also download this in your PC. Let’s have a quick look at the requirements which are needed to use GBWhatsApp. Android OS version of 4.0 or above, a valid phone number, mobile that is able to receive SMS or calls during the process of verification and an internet connection.

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