Top 10 Facts About Download Highly Compressed PC Games for Free

When the file size of a pc game gets larger, downloading them can cause unnecessary troubles on your internet connection. If you do have a habit of downloading free pc games regularly, you may think of using torrents rather than using just a web site as it will allow you to download larger pc games faster. The risk of virus infection is also reduced as only the torrents that are working is shared. But now, you can download highly compressed games to save your data.

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1)What are Compressed Games (ZIP Games)?

Most of the good PC games are larger than 10 GB. As all of us know, capacity some games are more than 50 GB. So, downloading them is not easy as you have to pay for the data you download. But there is a way you can download them with less GB. This method is known as compressing.

I have listed best compressed PC games download links. I have tested them and, sectioned them depending on compression like pc games under 1 GB, 300mb, 200mb and highly compressed pc games under 50mb.

First, you have to install the necessary software that are required. It’s good if a special extraction program is installed as most of the highly compressed pc games are compressed using some advanced archive processes that are not usually built-in to Windows. 7-Zip and WinRAR are most popular extractors.

2)Highly Compressed PC Games Collection Link List

Here I have prepared the list of game list and each of those have been tested. All are 100% working and if there is any problem leave a comment or forward me a message.

3)Top Rated Popular Games with Their Compressed Size

Here I have listed most popular games in the world with their size after compression. And also, I have linked it to the source where you can download it for free of charge.

  • Prototype – 1.7GB
  • DIRT RALLY – 8.8GB
  • DEAD RISING 4 – 19.7GB
  • FIFA 18 – 20.8GB
  • MOTOGP 17 – 5.2GB
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4)Highly Compressed PC Games Under 1 GB Download

  • Just Cause – 430MB
  • GTA San Andreas – 618MB
  • Halo 1: Combat Evolved – 415MB
  • Max Payne 1 – 540MB
  • Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne – 1GB
  • Need For Speed: Most Wanted – 355MB
  • Call Of Duty 2003 – 420MB
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5)Highly Compressed PC Games Less Than 300MB

  • Enter The Matrix – 205MB
  • Need for Speed: Underground 2 – 230MB
  • Hitman 4: Blood Money – 270MB
  • The Incredible Hulk – 230MB
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6)PC Games Under 200MB

  • Hitman 3: Contracts – 105MB
  • Transformers: The Game – 158MB
  • Hitman 2: Silent Assassin – 180MB
  • Project I.G.I 3 : The Plan – 100MB
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7)Highly Compressed PC Games Under 50MB

If you are looking for ultra compressed pc games with free download, you can follow these links or ultra compressed pc games rar.

  • MotoGP 2000 – 55MB

8)Top 05 Websites to Download Compressed Games

Other than above lists, you may want to find a particular compressed game. So, here are few websites which offers compressed games for free of charge. I have tested all these sites and you can use them without any issue.

  • Fit girl
  • All Type Hacks
  • Apunka Games
  • Gameslay
  • Check Gaming Zone

9)Download Compressed PC Games Using Torrent

First, a torrent client should be downloaded and installed. BitTorrent, which is a widely used method for sharing larger files, is used to distribute pc games most commonly. You have to ensure that your antivirus software is up to date. You can use either Windows Defender or a third-party solution.

Additionally, a virtual drive can be installed. Most highly compressed games are distributed in ISO format. If a virtual drive is used to use those ISO files, money can be saved.

Before downloading, you have to understand torrent basics and how it works. You’ll need to search for torrent trackers which are the sites that torrent files are hosted. Torrent trackers may be public as well as private and can be used to find the exact game you need. You’ll have to check each search result and the number of seeders or the users that are sharing the complete file. Read the torrent details whether it includes all the relevant files that are needed to play the game. Make sure you read the comment section too for it will reveal if the torrent has virus. Look for a different one, if many users have complained about that viruses were received from the files.

After the selection, there are two ways to download. Click Download link or the Magnet link to load the torrent file. If you click the Download link, a very small torrent file will be downloaded to your computer. The actual download process is started after you open this file in your client. Your torrent client will be opened directly by the magnetic link without downloading the small torrent file. After that, wait for the torrent to download. If more seeders are connected, it speeds up. The duration for the download varies depending on the size of the file, number of seeders and the speed of your internet connection. It could be either several minutes or even few days.

If your computer or the network setup have a difficulty in connecting to other torrent users, there are few options you can try in order to increase your download speed. If you need a faster download, make sure that torrent traffic is the only thing happens on your network. Avoid any video streaming or gaming that uses the network connection. Make sure your client opens the relevant ports in your router and UPnP is enabled. In order to maximize the speed of the download, set up the upload rate in the Options menu, to a smaller value while downloading.

10)Once you have completed downloading, run a virus scan to scan the downloaded files.

Even though this will not guarantee that these files are free from viruses, it will help you to find an infection. A full scan can be also performed but it will take some more time.

Before installing, read the README file that comes with the game. Most probably this will be a text file. Many highly compressed pc games do have some specific steps that are required to get them work. If the game comes in ISO file format, you have to either mount that file as a virtual disc or burn it to a disc in order to use it. After that, run the setup file or start the installation from the disc. One installation process of a highly compressed pc game differs from another. Thus, you have to follow the installation instructions properly. Before playing you’ll still need to refer to that README file for many cracked pc games have special steps to start it.

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