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Benefits of DataBlockChain

One of the biggest difficulties companies encounter nowadays is customer acquisition and retention. The key to each deed new customers and holding your current customers is possessing the vital information that may assist you market to those prospects with the best propensity to use your product and services and additional facilitate determine the wants of your current customers making certain their long loyalty. Nowadays data trade is sophisticated and extremely fragmented giving a confusing range of selections to businesses urgently in want of this vital information. The present information promoting system of knowledge / list house owners, managers and brokers is inefficient and infrequently ineffective cost accounting businesses superfluous time and cash.

The pipe for new token sales is deep and also expanding daily. Thousands of latest and existing businesses area unit grasp blockchain technology. Several area unit drawn in by the transparency offered by the general public ledger, the decentralization of databases and therefore the attraction of making a replacement cryptocurrency., in association with Media Direct, Inc. aims to democratize huge information and level of the information enjoying field by providing the foremost comprehensive promoting data resolution to any or all businesses and people. can offer a strong interface between the business or individual and therefore the information sources. The backend systems can guarantee full confidence in information quality for the top user yet as transactional definiteness for the information suppliers.

The following industries have continuing to show a growing want for the sort of knowledge and transparency provided by

    • Automotive
    • BlockchainPolitical
    • CPG
    • Travel
    • Fitness and Health
    • Education
    • Finance
    • Military & Government

Employees and executives operating with huge information have security, cost, and lack of technical huge information experience as a number of their most pressing issues. can revolutionize list of trade by eliminating superfluous middlemen and making a lot of economic data sourcing and delivery method. can build a unified programme to permit an entity to go looking varied and numerous sources of knowledge for records that match their search question parameters. The criteria will differ from geographic, market, psychographic and task attributes. One question would be able to span many sources and billions of records.

An Ethereum-based Blockchain is employed for all record supply management, invoicing and payments. Sensible contracts area unit used for following record usage and therefore the multiplex of licensing and information sources. All payments area unit created through the cryptocurrency DBCCoin.

The Data supply partners will use completely different licensing models to feature their information set into the system. They’ll offer their information to be another to our information set or they’ll utilize AN API (Oracle) to administer our system access to their information. The API may be employed by the sensible assortment Engine to question the information of the information partner and build a heuristic index for quick looking. Every information supply is analyzed, scored and sorted. A Confidence Score is applied to every supply supported the information age and therefore the attributes accessible.

Uses of Data

    • Data for Digital/Online promoting
    • Data for Analytical Modeling
    • Data for Media shopping for
    • Data for marketing
    • Data for CRM/Customer Retention
    • Data for client Acquisition
    • Data for improvement of Existing information
    • Data for Risk Management
    • Data for insurance corporations
    • Data for Background Checks
    • Data for individual’s finder
    • Data for time period Leads

DBCCoin is AN ERC-20 Token (with ERC-677 functionality) that’s enforced on the Ethereum blockchain. utilizes sensible Contracts written in Solidity for transactions, auditing and payments. The DBCCoin tokens are used for transactions on and be accustomed recompense information suppliers. The DBCCoin token will perform as a vital promoting tool for because it can function the idea for the Rewards Program yet as incentivizing partners through a Promotion Program. These functionalities are absolutely supported within the sensible Contract victimization Solidity.

How to use the DBC MVP Alpha

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