Advantages of Logistics Platform and ICO

The walk delivery sector is about for a significant revolution. This sector is given with a huge growth potential driven mostly by the booming e-commerce business. At identical time, there’s conjointly a chance for the world to form wider economic authorisation through involving a lot of participants within the supply system. At the centre of any innovation is that the client, wherever there’s a continuous demand for quicker, better, cheaper – and currently, fairer service.

To capitalise on all the opportunities, this is an answer should initial be designed to beat inherent challenges that plagues the present system. We’ve known key challenges presently Janus-faced by walk supply firms globally. The primary key challenge is that the high parcel delivery failure rate, which can beyond any doubt increase the price of operations thanks to the necessity for redelivery. The second key challenge is that the low potency in parcel delivery; this is often caused by the wide utilization of the standard “Hub and Spoke” delivery model, wherever parcel delivery routes area unit extremely suffering from any delays within the central warehouse.

LogisticsX can look for to demonstrate however blockchain technology is often accustomed solve the challenges and faucet on the opportunities as mentioned within the preceding section. Supported a broadcast report by DHL and Accenture, blockchain technology has shown potential capabilities to boost the transparency and traceability within the walk supply network. This can probably enable a lot of parties to be concerned in an exceedingly trust less system.

LogisticsX are going to be developing an internet application to contour relevant knowledge exchange between stakeholders of the LogisticsX system. there’ll be no price to on-board onto DLN, but LogisticsX can charge the 3PL firms an exact proportion of the overall shipping price for every parcel delivered, and this is often to be paid in PNP Tokens.

Thus, LogisticsX can aim to partner with bottom Foundation (“Blue Whale”), a blockchain network tailored for the freelance, wherever freelance staff will participate in sharing economy whereas getting employment edges. In short, bottom may be a suburbanised system that empowers the world’s freelance community. It aims to provide freelancers with edges that otherwise free-lancers may not have, like paid-time-off, and retirement pensions. This partnership can enable LogisticsX to leverage on many services provided through bottom blockchain network to produce freelancers’ operative within the LogisticsX with freelancers’ edges.

LogisticsX can apply multiple technologies to ascertain AN optimum system for Trustless Connect and also the numerous stakeholders concerned. It’s planned that the initial preparation of the LogisticsX system are going to be a suburbanised Application (“DApp”) on the ICON Foundation (“ICON”) Blockchain. This can give full ability with partner networks like bottom Foundation (“Blue Whale”) Blockchain.

Token Sale LogisticsX can encompass four-hundredth token allocations of all PNP Tokens that may ever be generated. Unsold PNP Tokens are going to be burned when the conclusion of the general public Sale.20% of the tokens are going to be allotted because the Company’s reserve, whereas another 2 hundredth are going to be allotted because the community’s reserve. The tokens allotted as community reserve are going to be secured up and discharged one month when every public announcement. V-J Day of the tokens is going to be allotted to the Team and Advisors, and these tokens are going to be secured up for up to 2 years. The team can bit by bit receive ¼ of their allocation each six months when the tip of the general public Sale. Five-hitter of the tokens are going to be allotted for different expenses that the corporate might incur.

For More Information About LogisticsX:

Official Website: https://logisticsx.io
Whitepaper: https://logisticsx.io/documents/LogisticsX-Whitepaper-V1.4-11-June-2018.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/LogisticsX
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LogsXOfficial
Medium: https://medium.com/logisticsx

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