Benefits of NELUNS Platform

For active cryptocurrency market participants

Broad spectrum of banking product.

Long-term investors will extract extra profits on account of deposit placements, traders and cryptofunds will expand their talents on account of access to disposal tools.

Unique cryptocurrency exchange

The Neluns Exchange isn’t simply another cryptocurrency exchange, however a radically totally different structure, free from the problems of existing cryptocurrency exchanges. The utilization of the “bank guarantee” approach protects assets from unforeseen circumstances.

High level of security

The presence of a conventional monetary institute because the base of Neluns can considerably improve security. They tend to square measure integration the most effective solutions from international corporations that develop package for the world’s largest banks.

For potential cryptocurrency market participants

Elimination of entry barriers

The emergence of the Neluns system can considerably change the doorway of latest participants into the cryptocurrency market. Shoppers are going to be ready to purchase cryptocurrencies and perform transactions in exactly many clicks.

Ability to create instant payments anyplace within the world

The Neluns Bank provides anyone or company to hold out cryptocurrency group actions from any a part of the globe with stripped-down transaction fees.

Low commissions with stripped-down risks

Neluns is constructing the system in accordance with the BaaS construct. The Neluns iOS and automaton applications with an easy interface open up access to any or all cryptocurrency and order banking product, round the clock.

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