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Hey guys!!!! What’s up? Having a great time, huh? Hope you are doing very well. Let me ask you a question. We all know that there are number of social media apps nowadays. But, are all those apps famous? Nah, not at all!

There are few social media apps which have caught the hearts of millions of people all over the world. So, today we are going to talk about one of the most famous social media apps. It is none other than, “WhatsApp”.

1)Why is WhatsApp Famous?

Millions of people love WhatsApp. Why is that?

• User Friendly
WhatsApp is so easy to use and this is one of the coolest apps you will ever find
• Higher Privacy
Unlike most other social media apps, WhatsApp has a higher privacy. You can make your Display Picture (DP), name, last seen and status only to be seen by your contacts. So, only the people in your contact list will see them.
• Higher Security
All the messages and media files you will receive or you will send are encrypted. So, there’s nothing to worries about your data being hacked or stolen.
• Minimum Data Usage
WhatsApp does not swallow your data like most other social media apps do.

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2)WhatsApp Groups    

This is one of the main reasons to fell in love with WhatsApp.

“WhatsApp Groups”

Trust me on this, every WhatsApp user is a member of at least one WhatsApp group.
People create WhatsApp groups for everything, for friends, for family, for work-place buddies, for traveling buddies, for charity works, for planning events, and the list goes on and on.

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3)You can create a group on WhatsApp for any purpose

• You can easily add the people you want to be in that group
• The creator of the group will be set as the admin, but he or she can appoint any number of admins as wish

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4) You can assign a name and a DP that suits the purpose of the group

• Can change the name and the DP whenever you want

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5)You can leave the group if you find the group unnecessary

• Once you leave you can again be part of the group if you want to
• Easy to share media files (photos, audio clips, video clips, word documents, etc.)

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6)Cool Names for WhatsApp Groups

Every WhatsApp can have any name they like. Everyone likes to have the coolest WhatsApp group name for their group. So, here I am letting you know some of the coolest WhatsApp group names you will ever come across.
WhatsApp Group Names for Friends

• Rock stars

• Chatter box

• Silent killers

• All you need to do is talk, talk, talk and talk

• Life for friends

• Game changers

• Fabulous five

• Friends for life

• Only singles

• Three idiots

• The herd

• The folks

• We talk a lot

• The knights in shining armor

• Teenagers

• Fantastic four

• We are drunk

• Hang over

• The alpha

• Friends forever

• The invisibles

• Our kingdom

• Movie lovers

• Music maniacs

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7)WhatsApp group Names for Family

• One blood

• Fantastic family

• Brothers from another mother

• Sisters from another mother

• We are one

• Bonding

• Yes, we are one family

• My people

• It’s all about family

• Good times

• Rocking family

• Under one roof

• Happy house

• Devil’s home

• Family ties

• Madhouse

• House of lunatics

• Modern family

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8)WhatsApp Group Names for Ladies Only Groups

• Gossip queens

• Shopping hungers

• Queen Lounge

• Singles only

• The nor married

• Gossip launch

• Beauties

• Dessert flowers

• Women power

• We all deserve better

• It’s all about clothes and shoes

• How to be slim an eat at the same time

• WhatsApp single girls

• Power puff girls

• We make the world

• Wonder girls

• Wonder women

• Beautiful demons

• Pretty little liars

• Focus fairies

• Never underestimate the power of a girl

• Open book

• Fantastic four

• Nancy Drews

• The queen bees

• Gossip gees

• Crazy bitches

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9)Funny WhatsApp Group Names

• One hell of a crazy gang

• Out of world

• Aliens

• Asylum

• The adventures of texting

• Game of phones

• None of your business

• Lazy asses

• Protectors of the super man

• Three idiots

• 404! Group name does not exit

• Don’t stare all the time

• Telegram lovers

• Get your ass out of the bed

• Searching for group names

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10)Cool WhatsApp Group Names

• Avengers

• Guardians of the galaxy

• Pretty little liars

• Don’t spoil it

• Modern family

• Spoiler alert

• Lions

• So called engineers

• hackers

• Out of service

• Wacky talky

• Atomic reactions

• Citizens of Mars

• Type till you ripe

• Recycle bin

• Still loading

• Designated drinkers

• Let’s play our way

Guys, now you know the perfect name for your WhatsApp group. So, why wait, have the coolest WhatsApp group name ever and enjoy group texting with your loved ones. Have a nice WhatsApp day!!!

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